Consistent bodywork maintenance will help you attain your health goals by improving your range of movement, release chronic pain, speeding up the body’s natural retrieval, and stimulating your body through therapeutic massage therapy. So, if you are passionate about healthy living and being at your BEST, then you will significantly benefit from our Membership program.

Experience all the self-care Massage BEST Co.’s Membership has to offer. Get access to monthly benefits and massages at lower membership charges. It’s your chance to keep your body working healthier than it ever would. As a BEST Co. member, you will be taking your health to the next level with help from the skilled healing hands of our massage therapy experts.


150 / month for 4 months

+ Half

225 / month for 4 months


300 / month for 4 months

One Twice

300 / month for 4 months

+ Half Twice

450 / month for 4 months

Two Twice

600 / month for 4 months

Subscriptions runs for 4 months at the time.

Cancellation must be done with minimum 7 days before expiration date.

If not cancelled, the subscription renews automatically.

If a session has not been used in one of the months, it moves to the second.

All massage sessions must be used before the ending of 4 months.

One subscription cannot be used by multiple people.

The therapist will bring with them massage table, table sheets, oils, aromatherapy scents, towels and music. You can use your own sheets and towels if you prefer it that way. Make sure you have a place for the table to be placed and enough room for therapist to go around it.